"As a parent of Little Treasures Daycare I know that my daughter is in excellent hands on a day to day basis.  I am more than pleased with the curriculum that the centre has to offer such as art, circle, sensory, and outdoor play.  Ever since my daughter has been enrolled, I have seen her social, fine and gross motor skills, as well as her independence grow rapidly throughout the year".

" Our daughter looks forward to her part time days at Little Treasures.  The teachers are very attentive to her needs as well, keeping us informed of any concerns or issues that have occurred during the day.  We've seen a positive improvement in our daughter's vocabulary and social skills.  It's easy to recommend Little Treasures to anyone looking for childcare".

 "Little Treasures Daycare is a great daycare!  We originally chose Little Treasures because their hours were accommodating for parents that worked downtown and felt that our son would be safe in their facility.  Our son learns so much and has so much fun at daycare.  We always recommend Little Treasures to any of our friends with newborns or toddlers.  Our son has been at Little Treasures since he was 2 years old.  He is 4 now and all of us have been happy with this daycare since day one".

"We had our son in a different local group daycare and it was a struggle to get him to go.  We made the hard decision to change daycares and from day number one he started smiling, laughing, and having fun.  Their staff is great and their program is top notch.  Both my kids now have enjoyed their time at Little Treasures and have grown and learned because of being there.  The best thing I can say is I would recommend Little Treasures to anyone - and I do!

"Little Treasures Daycare provides excellent quality care with a personal approach that any parent would appreciate.  The staff provides an environment that has allowed our son to flourish.  They provide opportunities on a daily basis for him to develop his skills in arts and crafts, physical education along with his development of both his language and number skills.   All the teachers are personable and attentive to both the child's and parents needs.  Our son enjoys spending time at his daycare as the environment is both positive and fun. We would strongly recommend this daycare to anyone."

 "We were very fortunate to find Little Treasures.  Our son was 18 months old when he started and it didn't take long for him to feel comfortable.  The staff are always fair, consistent, and loving.   They provide open communication and have assisted in areas such as toilet training.  We have noticed that our son comes home with new vocabulary, math, and language skills that we feel have been a direct result of Little Treasures.   We are happy to be able to have our son attend because he is growing and developing to the little man we want him to be".

"We have been very happy with the care and attention provided by Little Treasures.  The access to an outside playground as well as an inside gym for rainy days ensures that our child gets plenty of exercise.  We are also impressed with the variety of crafts and other creative activities to simulate both physical and mental growth.  We appreciate that each care giver has been ECE certified, and have total confidence with Little Treasures for the safety, development, and well-being of our child".

"I'm really happy with Little Treasures daycare.  My daughter enjoys all activities and the staff is really caring.  It's such a good feeling to see my child being happy every day when she has to go to daycare and after".